Storing, Slicing & Freezing Fate Bread

  • Fate Machine Bread

    Fate Machine Bread

    After the machine has finished baking the bread it will beep a few times. It is best to remove the loaf from the pan as soon as possible. Be careful as you lift the lid it will be very hot. Turn the bread out onto a wire rack and leave to cool.

  • If the paddle is still inside the base of the loaf, leave it until the bread is cool then remove the paddle by just gripping it with your fingers and pulling it out, or use something non metal to help you take the paddle out. Do not use anything that will scratch the paddle.
  • The bread is easily sliced using an electric knife.
  • The bread will keep for a couple of days, placed into a polythene bag. If the loaf is not going to be used up in this time, it is best sliced and frozen. This way you can remove just the amount that you need as and when you want it.
  • If you need a couple of slices for a sandwich, say for a packed lunch, it is best to take the slices from the freeze, wrap them in apiece of kitchen towel and place in the microwave oven on high for a few seconds. The bread should be defrosted and just slightly warmed through. It should not be steamy. Leave to cool on the work surface, still wrapped in the kitchen towel, until cool enough to fill with a suitable filling. This way, the slices will be really fresh.
  • Also, slices can be taken out and toasted from frozen.
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  1. I am getting back ihnto pku baking after years of not needing to. Please explain what “Fate” is. Is it a company? a place to buy a bread mix? I am looking for a good bread machine recipe. I have a panasonic bread machine.

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  2. Hi Mary,

    Thanks for your message. Fate Special Foods is a company based in the UK that produce an All Purpose Flour and a Cake Mix. Their products are available on prescription in the UK, so I’m not sure if you can buy direct if not in the UK. I would think it would be possible. You can get in touch with them here: +441215 22 44 34.

    The bread machine recipe is excellent and I use it for all my bread.

    Hope this helps!

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  3. I’m looking for a bread slicer, could anyone plz give advice where i could get one.

    thank you sara

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